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Environmental Management Centre LLP (EMC) was established in 1996. Dr. Prasad Modak founded EMC when he left Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay in 1995 where he was faculty at the Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE) from 1984.

We’ve come a long way; 24 years.

EMC has grown from a handful of team members to a larger group of professionals working for the three entities of EMC LLP and Ekonnect.

Our services are strategic, knowledge driven and supported through research and training. All assignments benefit from our expertise in harmonizing economic, environmental and social considerations into business logic, development plans and policy frameworks.

Over the past decades, we have conceived, developed and executed a number of national, regional and international assignments that have set several "firsts".

Many have stimulated action leading to policy reforms, sustainable investments and long term capacity building.

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We value both concept and implementation. Sustainability is the focus.

At the time when EMC was founded, sustainability was far from the "buzz" word it is today. EMC's mission to practice sustainability could thus be viewed as proactive, visionary and influencing environmental consultancy.

Mainstreaming sustainability is recognized for the advantage it brings and not just an expression of ethos. The "advantage factor" includes environmental and social dimensions as well as economic gains. These include savings, increase in brand value and ability to leverage. Sustainability based strategies are risk averse and high on opportunities for value addition.

EMC believes that these advantages are not the purview of a select few but are in fact available and rightly should be, to 'all' concerned. This is precisely the mission of EMC.

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EMC Logo elements

The EMC logo is based on the Panchamahaboota, the five elements of the cosmic order that are central to Indian Philosophy. The Vedic symbols seen in harmonic arrangement on the auspicious banana leaf represent the Aakash (ether), Jal (water), Vaayu (air), Agni (fire), and Prithvi (earth), and together assert EMC's commitment to holistic solutions in environmental management.

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EMC Quality Policy

We provide consulting services in the field of environmental and social assessment & management. Our services are strategic, knowledge driven and supported through research. In all our assignments, we harmonize economic, environmental and social considerations into business logic, development plans and policy frameworks. Capacity building is addressed in all our services to ensure sustainability and effectiveness of solutions we provide.

Understanding that the challenges and opportunities in the environmental sector evolve, we innovate our services to meet customer interests, be effective and lead the market. We focus on providing robust and rounded solutionsin time while meeting customer requirements.

To add value to the customer, we deliver our services through a multi-disciplinary team that is competent and gender inclusive. Each team member is presented an opportunity aligning with their interests to grow and reach their true potential.

We are a responsible consulting company and ensure highest level of ethical conduct and personal integrity in all our engagements.

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How We Work

We deliver solutions through two entities.

EMC is the 'core'. EMC undertakes path-breaking and innovative assignments. There is never a templated approach.

Ekonnect is the 'surround'. Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation (Ekonnect) was established in 2012 as a Section 8 company.

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  • Dr prasad modak

    Dr. Prasad Modak

    Prasad is an Alumni of IIT Bombay and holds Doctor of Environmental Engg from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok. Dr Modak was Professor at Centre for Environmental Science and Engg at IIT Bombay between 1984-1995. Currently, he is back again with his Alma matter as Professor (Adjunct) at Centre for Technology Alternatives in Rural Areas. Dr Modak runs a strategic consulting company –Environmental Management Centre LLP – that focuses on sustainability. He is also Director of Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation a Section 8 not for Profit Company with a mandate to impart education and training in the arena of environmental management & sustainability.Dr Modak was Chief Sustainability Officer at IL&FS Ltd and the first Dean of IL&FS Academy for Applied Development as a Consultant.

  • kiran modak

    Kiran Modak

    Kiran is an alumnus of the J.J.School of Art in Mumbai where she pursued fine arts. She is one of the pillars of EMC having supported Dr.Modak through all his endeavors right from the inception of EMC to where it is today. Kiran supports the work of EMC in her capacity of Partner and the initiatives undertaken at Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation as Trustee. She currently manages her own small business of hand-made pottery under the name of Kyra Potteries

  • devika modak

    Devika Modak

    Devika is a strong self-starter with 10+ years’ experience in business strategy and brand consulting for companies at all stages of growth, from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms. She has leveraged her management consulting background into brand strategy and campaign management. Her core expertise lies in traditional and digital advertising, marketing strategy, and business process improvement. Her work has spanned industries including consumer finance, consumer goods and technology, media and telecom. Currently, she is a Senior Director at POLITICO, a leading political journalism organization where she works with clients and internal stakeholders to bring campaign ideas to fruition. Devika is passionate about sustainability and how to use communication strategies to bring in behavioural change towards sustainable lifestyles.

  • pranav modak

    Pranav Modak

    Pranav Modak has over 7 years of work experience in the renewable energy industry with an affinity for data analysis and design thinking. He graduated from Washington University in St Louis with a Masters in Energy, Environment and Chemical Engineering.
    Over the past 4 years Pranav has gained certifications like Project Management Professional PMP), Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Tableau Desktop Specialist. He uses the skills gained from the certification and his core expertise in chemical, environmental and energy engineering, to improve the operational efficiency of companies.
    After working in the United States for over 7 years he has now moved to Toronto, Canada. He represents EMC in North Americas. He has in addition set up his own independent consulting business where he is providing business process analysis and product design consulting to CleanTech industries.

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Executive President, Environmental Management Centre LLP and Director, Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation, Ex- Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Worked with almost all key UN, multi-lateral and bi-lateral developmental institutions and intergovernmental organizations in the world. Apart from Government of India and various State Governments, his advice is sought by Governments of Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Mauritius, Thailand and Vietnam.  

Member of Indian Resources Panel at MoEFCC, Member of Task Force on Sustainable Public Procurement at the Ministry of Finance. Drafted Report on Status on Resource Efficiency and Recommendations towards Circular Economy for NITI Aayog. Contributor to UNEP’s Green Economy report. Co-author of the Global Waste Management Outlook and Chief Editor of Asia Waste Management Outlook for the United Nations Environment.


  • Lucille Andrade
  • Shantanu Roy
  • Sunil Gangurde
  • Sivaranjani Subramanian
  • Vishwa Trivedi
  • Krupa Desai
  • Pranay Krishnan
  • Chandra Mouli
  • Bhushan Bhaud
  • Pranav Bhardwaj
  • Sakchhi Singh
  • Jay Mehta
  • Richa Thakur
  • Akshay Nare
  • Aneesa Patel
  • Mukesh Tondwalkar
  • Sushant Londhe
  • Mayur Margaj

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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

  • Alok Bhargava
  • Dr. Ajay Deshpande
  • Dr. Bindu N. Lohani
  • Prof Dev Niyogi
  • Panneer Selvam
  • Shashikala Venkatraman

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We’re the first to admit that we don’t know everything.

At times, we bring in professionals from outside the team, who contribute to the project. They become our associates. We have a number of associates among our network who have worked with us on several project over the years.

We continue to build this network with new members who apply to work with us as associates. We welcome such an association and encourage applicants to go through our selection process.

Currently we are building a team of associates with multifarious expertise on a global basis focusing on frontier areas such as Environmental Data Analytics, Modelling and Visualization of Big Data.

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Every company witnesses their team strength fluctuate over the years.


We do too.


While there are some team members who have been with us since inception, there are others who have had to move on within a few months or years.


We cherish our relationship with them and acknowledge their support as a working member of our team. Precisely why we do our best to stay connected with our‘Alumni’.


Most are also a part of our associates’ network.